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Katherine J. Kelich

Katherine J. Kelich

Belmont County Treasurer

St. Clairsville, Ohio

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Phone: 740-699-2145 • Fax: 740-699-2584
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

2020 PAY 2021 DUE DATES

Published on January 21, 2021.

The first half 2021 Real Estate and Manufactured Homes taxes are due on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2021.

Please be advised, there was an error from the printing company stating on the outside of some envelopes that the due date is July 16, 2021. That is incorrect. July 16, 2021 is due date for the second half.


Published on January 13, 2021.

January 13, 2021


Belmont County Treasurer, Katherine J. Kelich, announced today that first-half 2020 Real Estate Tax bills have been mailed.  Property owners not receiving their first-half bills by February 1, 2021 should contact the Treasurer’s office at 740-699-2145.

The due date for payment is Friday, February 19, 2021. Postmark is accepted as a timely payment.  To ensure that the postmark is placed on the envelope, it is recommended that the envelope is taken into the post office and postmarked.  If there is no postmark and it is received after the due date, it is not accepted as a timely payment.  A five-percent penalty will be added to any current year payments made within the first ten days after the due date. Thereafter, all unpaid bills will have a ten-percent penalty added to the current year unpaid balance.

Payments may be made in the following manner:

  • By mail – Mail the payment of check, money order or certified funds utilizing the self-addressed return envelope.  Do not send cash. 
  • By Dropbox – A secure drop-box is located on the left side of the front stairs of the Courthouse.  Do not pay by cash using the Dropbox. 
  • By credit card, debit card, or e-check – Visit to make the payment or call 1-866-558-3852.  There is a convenience fee assessed. 
  • In Office – though discouraged, you may visit the office to make your payment.  You must maintain social distancing while in the Courthouse.  Masks are required.  Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30a.m to 4:30p.m.  All federal holidays are observed. 

Please be advised that, at this time, Banks are not accepting payments.      

The tax stub apparent on the top-half of all tax bills should accompany any of the payment methods selected


Published on June 26, 2020.

The Belmont County Treasurer is pleased to announce the addition of a new real estate tax payment drop box. The new drop box is a safe and secure option to deposit property tax payments to the Belmont County Treasurer. The new drop box is located in the front of the courthouse on the left hand side of the steps. This secure box with be checked multiple times throughout the business day. If a receipt is desired, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. *DO NOT PAY BY CASH*


Published on June 26, 2020.

Katherine J. Kelich – Belmont County Treasurer

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019 payable 2020 second half tax collection due date has been extended.   All payments are due (or MUST be post marked) on or before August 21, 2020.   Payments can be submitted the following ways:

➢ Mail – Preferred method.  Personal check, money order, or certified funds.  Please do not send cash.

  ➢ Drop Box –A secure drop-box is located on the left side of the front main stairs of the Courthouse. This box will be checked throughout the business day.  If a receipt is requested, please include a self-addressed envelope with your payment.  Do not pay by cash.

  ➢ Credit Card – To submit a payment by credit card, you can go online at or call 1-866-558-3852 or pay in person at the Treasurer’s Office.  [By law, the Treasurer’s Office is not permitted to absorb credit card user fees.  Thus, all credit card transactions include a 2.5% processing fee with a $2.00 minimum.]  You will need your parcel number(s).

➢ E-check – You can go online at to submit a payment using your account and routing numbers, or call 1-866-558-3852 or pay in person at the Treasurer’s Office.  [There is a flat fee for e-check in the amount of $1.50 added to the transaction.] 

➢ Visa Debit  – You can go online at to submit a payment by Visa Debit Card, or call 1-866-558-3852 or pay in person at the Treasurer’s Office.  [There is a flat fee of 3.95 to use the Visa Debit option.]

➢ WesBanco Bank – WesBanco customers can pay at any branch on or before August 21, 2020.

➢ In Office – Though discouraged, you may visit the office to make your payment. You must maintain social distancing while in the Courthouse.  Each teller window is 6 feet from each other.  If all tellers are busy, you must maintain six feet between you and the next person in line until you are called by one of the tellers.

➢ Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.


Tax Collection Scam

Published on August 7, 2019.

We wanted to make everyone aware of a scam going around with an etntity pretending to collect on “delinquent taxes.” Several people have reported getting a letter that looks like this:

View Sample Scam Letter

If you have any questions about a letter that you have received, you can contact our office at 740-699-2145 between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

2020 Taxes

Published on January 14, 2019.

The 2020 Real Estate Taxes as well as Manufactured Home Taxes payable in 2021 will be available by the close of 2020. Tax bills will be mailed approximately January 15th 2021.

The first half 2020 Real Estate Taxes will be due FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2021. The second half 2020 Real Estate Taxes will be due on FRIDAY JULY 16, 2021. Due dates for the first half of the Manufactured Homes will be FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2021 and second half due FRIDAY JULY 16, 2021.

If you do not receive your first half tax bill(s) by February 1, 2021, please contact our office at 740-699-2145.

*Failure to receive a tax bill is not a valid reason for non-payment. Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 323.13.

Electronic Tax Bills

Published on January 9, 2017.

Belmont County Treasurer Katherine J. Kelich is continuing her efforts to modernize her office and to provide better service to tax payers.  Treasurer Kelich announced the creation of “E-Bills.”  E-Bills is simply the delivery of a property owner’s bi-annual Real Estate Tax Bill(s) via e-mail rather than through the mail.  E-Bill provides for the faster delivery of tax bills to parcel owners at lower cost to the county by saving the costs of postage and paper.

“E-Bill is one of my many efforts since taking office to make paying property taxes both easier and more efficient for county tax payers,” Kelich explained.  Tax bills are normally sent out in January and June each year, or four weeks prior to their due dates in February and July.  Still, some tax payers do not receive their bills until much closer to the due date, most commonly due to postal forwarding orders.

“I know many people, especially retirees, vacation in the winter, and they often have issues with the post office forwarding their mail.  Delays in delivery can result in late payments, which include penalties.  E-Bill will help eliminate that problem,” Kelich said.  E-Bill is specially designed to help during the first half collection in January.

Under Ohio law, the failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the failure to pay it on time. Despite the law, Kelich said she wanted to take one more step to ensure that parcel owners receive their tax bill with as much time to pay as possible.

“Overall, I’ve worked hard to provide as many payment options as possible to help tax payers because I never forget how difficult it can be for some to make those payments,” said Kelich.  Payment options currently include cash, check, credit card, debit card and e-check payments.  However, there are fees associated with some of those payment options, the payment of which the County cannot make by law.  As such, Kelich indicated that she is constantly attempting to negotiate better rates for tax payers, and she cited her success in reducing credit card payment fees from 2.95% down to 2.5% as an example.  Kelich stated that she will continue to work to reduce fees for the public in the future, as well as the overall cost of collections for the county.

To learn more, or to subscribe to E-Bills, please contact the Treasurer’s Office, or follow the following links to download the enrollment forms.