Belmont County Treasurer | Belmont County, Ohio

Real Estate and Manufactured Home FAQs

Q: Should I have received my tax bill?

A: Taxes are billed in biannual installments. Real estate tax bills are generally due the third week in February and the third week in July (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED). Bills are mailed out in January and June. Manufactured home tax bills are generally due the first week of March and the first week in August with the bills being mailed out in February and July. If you do not receive a bill, you need to contact our office at 740-699-2145. Ohio law says that the parcel owner is still responsible for the real estate taxes even if the bill is not received. (See O.R.C. 323.13)

Q: Who notifies the Treasurer’s Office if I no longer have an escrow?

A: If you pay your taxes through a mortgage company and you recently paid off your loan, please contact our office to ensure that the financial institution advised our office in writing of that change. Pursuant to O.R.C. 323.13, any change in the mailing address of any tax bill shall be made in writing to the county treasurer. (See Change of Address under Forms)

Q: I moved but I did not receive my tax bill, what do I do?

A: Contact the Treasurer’s Office immediately to obtain the amount of your taxes. You can send a check or money order with the parcel number included on the memo portion of the check to ensure you’re your bill is paid timely. Please keep in mind, it is the parcel owner’s responsibility to advise the Treasurer’s Office of any changes in address to ensure that the bill is sent to the correct address. Pursuant to O.R.C., all requests for change of address must be in writing. Include a Change of Address Form with the corrected address with the payment.

Q: If I do not receive my bill, can the penalties be remitted?

A: No. In accord with the Ohio Revised Code, failure to receive a bill is no reason to fail to pay the bill. However, you may file a request to remit the penalties based upon circumstances beyond your control, i.e. hospitalization, prolonged illness, death of an immediate family member.

Q: I received a bill for my taxes but I pay an escrow, who should I call?

A: If you receive a bill and you are currently paying an escrow for real estate taxes, please call your mortgage company. Our office receives files from each lender yearly. If they have not updated their file to include your tax bill, the escrow company needs to send us the request to re-route the bill.

Q: I sold my property but I received the tax bill. Who pays this bill?

A: Taxes are billed one year behind. If you sold your property and still received the tax bill, please review your closing documents and then contact your banker, real estate agent or title company office. If the real estate bill is not addressed at your closing, you may be responsible for the payment of the taxes.

Q: Who determines the value of my property?

A: The appraisal value for your home or property is determined by the Auditor. If you do not believe that your home or property is worth the amount assessed, you may file a formal complaint with the Board of Revision to review the appraisal. The Complaint for must be filed with the Belmont County Auditor by March 31 of the current year.

Q: I have delinquent taxes, what should I do?

A: Contact the Treasurer’s Office to discuss payment options on your parcel(s).