Belmont County Treasurer | Belmont County, Ohio

Tax Installment Payment Plan

Dear Belmont County Taxpayer,

Since taking office in September, 2013, I have looked for ways to provide better service to the residents of Belmont County and to take the pain out of paying property taxes. The Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) is designed to achieve both of these goals. The TIPP program will allow parcel owners to pay their taxes on a monthly basis rather than two lump sums. During our collection process, many taxpayers requested this type of program. One of the best parts of this program is there is NO cost for the program. The following is information regarding the program. If you believe that this program fits your needs, please contact the office to enroll in the program.


Katherine Kelich

Belmont County Treasurer

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) Outline

Why the need for the Tipp Program?

In Belmont County, Real Estate taxes are due in February and July for the preceding tax year, meaning you pay your property taxes one year in arrears. While some taxpayers pay their real estate taxes as part of their mortgage’s escrow payment, many county residents do not make their property tax payments on a monthly basis, and many taxpayers find it difficult to make the payments in a lump sum each February and July.

What is the TIPP program?

To help ease the burden on county residents, the TIPP program acts like an escrow account for county residents who don’t make their tax payments by way of their mortgage and allows the tax payer to take the two large tax payments and break them down into smaller payments at NO cost to the tax payer.

How will I be billed under the TIPP program?

Depending on the month they enter the TIPP program, a taxpayer may receive up to five (5) coupons to make their individual payments in any semi-annual tax period. For example, if enrolled by August, then the tax payer would receive coupons for the months of September, October, November, December and January. If enrolled in February, then the taxpayer would receive coupons for the months of March, April, May and June. The taxpayer will then receive their semi-annual tax bill in February and July, as normal. The semi-annual bill will vary based upon the number of monthly payments. If a taxpayer has made equal monthly installments for the first five (5) months, then the semi-annual tax bill will reflect one last monthly installment.* Of course, if a tax payer misses one or more monthly payment, then the semi-annual tax bill will reflect the amount still due.

  • Because the monthly installment amount given by the Treasurer’s Office is based upon the prior year’s taxes, the amount due in February may increase due to changes in tax rates, valuations, special assessments, etc.

Is the TIPP program State approved?

Yes. The Ohio Department of Taxation has reviewed, and fully approved, the TIPP program for use through the Belmont County Treasurer’s Office. Belmont County Treasurer Katherine Kelich submitted TIPP to the Ohio Department of Taxation for approval in July 2014. The Department of Taxation approved TIPP in September for use beginning with the 2015 collection cycle (as there was not sufficient time to implement TIPP for the 2014 collection, which will now begin in February 2015).

Who is eligible for the TIPP program?

Belmont County Taxpayers who wish to enroll in the TIPP program must be current with their taxes. If any delinquencies exist on a parcel, that parcel is ineligible until such time as the account is brought current. Upon the taxpayer’s request, the tax payer will enter into a contract with the Belmont County Treasurer’s Office, which will then calculate the monthly tax amount by taking the most recent tax bill and dividing it into monthly payments. The amount on your coupon will show the suggested payment amount with a suggested due date of the 7th of each month.

How do I sign up?

Because the coupon cycle is already determined, the Treasurer’s Office can only accept taxpayers into the program during certain month. Taxpayers can sign up for the TIPP program anytime in the months of February, March, August and September.

What if I miss a TIPP payment?

There is no penalty if you miss a TIPP payment as long as taxes are paid in full by the due date for each semi-annual due date.

Can I withdraw from the T.I.P.P. program?

Yes. If for any reason the tax payer decides that he or she no longer wants to participate in the program, the taxpayer need only notify the Belmont County Treasurer’s Office, in writing, to exit the program.

For participation in the program or for more information, please contact the Belmont County Treasurer’s Office at 740-699-2145 or stop into the office.