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2023 pay 2024 Real Estate Tax Due Dates: February 23, 2024 and July 19, 2024

2023 pay 2024 Manufactured Homes Tax Due Dates: February 23, 2024 and July 19, 2024

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Phone Payments

Phone Payments can be made through Velocity IVR at 877-648-0134. You will need to have the seven-digit bill number from your tax bill. Velocity IVR will not be able to look up your account using your parcel number. If you do not have a copy of your bill, you can visit the Auditor’s Website to look up your bill and bill number under the “tax bill” link.

  1. Real Estate Tax
  2. Manufactured Home Tax (Trailer)
  3. Personal Property Tax (Business)
  4. Delinquent Tax Payments For mailing addresses and phone numbers, visit the About/Contact Us page.

Section 1: Real Estate Tax

As a general rule, Real Estate Tax Bills are sent out in January and June of each year and are due and payable in February and July. Real estate taxes can be paid in the following ways:

  • In person at the Belmont County Treasurer’s Office.
  • By mailing to the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Select banks and select branches of banks located in Belmont County accept payments on taxes. Banks are only able to collect during a tax collection period. Payments made after the due date must be mailed or delivered to the Treasurer’s office.
  • Pay taxes online using an e-check or major credit card. Note: There is a 2.35% processing fee assessed.

Note: A payment stub or Parcel I.D. # should be included with all payments.

Section 2: Manufactured Home Tax

Manufactured Home Tax Bills are sent out during January and June of each year and are due to be paid in February and July, respectively, of each year. Manufactured Home Taxes can be paid in the following ways:

Note 1: A payment stub and/or Registration I.D. # should accompany all payments.

Note 2: At the present time, financial institutions are NOT accpeting payments for Manufactured Home Taxes.

Section 3: Personal Property Tax

The tangible Personal Property tax has been phased out for general business filers. No annual or new taxpayer returns, either 920 or 945, are required to be filed for tax years 2009 and thereafter.

The tax will temporarily continue to apply to telephone companies and inter-exchange telecommunication companies. For these companies, the tax is being phased out, with the assessment percentage falling to zero for the 2011 tax year.

Section 4: Delinquent Tax Payments

The collection of Delinquent (unpaid) Taxes, be it Real Estate, Manufactured Home or Personal Property, is a year-round process. Anyone falling behind in the payment of property tax is requested to contact the Treasurer’s Office so that the circumstances regarding the unpaid tax and the taxpayer’s options for payment arrangements can be discussed.

The Treasurer is authorized to offer a number of installment plans to pay delinquent taxes. The installment plans run in length from a few months and extend out through five years. It is the goal and responsibility of the Treasurer’s Office to assist those having difficulties with back taxes. Taxpayers utilizing or setting up a payment plan and subsequently adhering to such arrangements in terms of payments, will generally avoid any Legal/Foreclosure action instituted by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.